for Firearm Training and SAPS procedure

Thank you for visiting our website and making contact with us. From misinformation and confusion most people get the whole competency process / training and license incorrect. Here are the facts and the steps so that you don't get the wrong information that you might have heard from people that just really don’t know.

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Good luck, the process is a process, however it should be straight forward if you are prepared, share a smile with the SAPS, don't complain, they also have a job to do. Here are the three phases.


  • Step 1: Make an appointment with us 072.348.7555 or to register for your course. Bring a friend; it’s great to do a course with someone you know.
  • Step2: Please bring cash or make an EFT payment into our account & bring 2 Copies of ID. Bank details: on request with your invoice
  • Step 3: Fill in the registrations with us and ask questions
  • Step 4: Fill in the OPEN BOOK EXAMS with a black pen, no pencil or Tip-ex, do this at home/office or anywhere you want – the answers are in the book.
  • Step 5: Make an appointment to write your CLOSED BOOK EXAMS at our office. This can only be done at an accredited training centre. The answers cannot be given to you; your books cannot be open during the exam.
  • Step 6: Join us on the shooting range to complete your practical. This includes the practise with the Firearm including all the fundamentals. Evaluation will be explained to you; however it's in the back of your book. The basics are easy, if you don't pass the shooting evaluation, then you just do it again. Don't stress. We don't charge for re-assessment
  • Step 7: Magnum Shooting Academy will mark your tests, complete your portfolio of evidence and then we certify you with a PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE. You will also receive a STATEMENT OF RESULTS from the (P.F.T.C). PROFESSIONAL FIREARM TRAINERS COUNCIL.

These two originals documents must never be lost / stolen; they must NEVER be given to any SAPS / DFO member. These are your property aswell as the training materials you got from the training provider. If you have lost a training provider certificate, you will have to produce an Avadavat from the SAPS stating those facts in order to ask your training provider for a copy.

If the certificate was issued older than 6 years, then you must redo the course, we cannot reprint / reproduce or keep a spare on your file just in case. Certificates cannot be reprinted without a physical Portfolio of Evidence, according to SAQA ruling, we destroy our Portfolios after 6th years in storage.

*Once you have the NEW training provider certificate/s and the NEW P.F.T.C Statement of Results, you never have to repeat this PROFICIENCY TRAINING AGAIN – Our certificates don’t expire so long as you have copies and the originals

Make certified copies of the certificate and the Statement of Results and give them to the D.F.O. at the SAPS. Make extra copies and keep on file, aswell as copy and scan them into a computer for you next renewal or application, don't lose them.

If you have attended any courses, from old or new, your certificates must have these Unit Standard numbers on them, aswell as a P.F.T.C. Statement of Results. If you only have the certificate "Knowledge of the Act", you must do a practical aswell. This is a SAPS ruling not ours.

E.g. Training provider certificate -Unit standard: 117705 – Demonstrate the Knowledge of the Firearms control Act -60-2000

Practical course: Unit Standard: 119649 – Handle and Use a Handgun

You need both these unit standards when you are applying for a Handgun license or renewal of the license; you need the NEW TRAINING CERTIFICATE and the NEW STATEMENT OF RESULTS FROM PFTC.


Step 1: Complete a SAPS COMPETENCE APPLICATION in black pen.

Download applications from our website or go to the SAPS and collect.

  • 2x Copies of your ID Book
  • Copies of your Training certificates and P.F.T.C. Statement of Results!!!
  • 4 Colour photos
  • R70.00 in cash to be paid to the SAPS
  • References from wife, friend, Doctor, Priest (Church) or work, people that know you for a long time, this is for your background check to see you are not violent or dependant to drugs or alcohol etc.
  • Hand this into the SAPS in the area that you reside, find the firearm department and apply with the D.F.O (Designated Firearms Officer).
  • This will take approximately 3 months


Step 1: Complete a SAPS LICENSE APPLICATION in black pen..

Download applications from our website or go to the SAPS and collect.

  • Purchase / Deposit a firearm at a Firearm dealer, he will give you the firearm details for the application.
  • Check their terms and conditions of the firearm purchase
  • R140.00 per firearm application to be paid to the SAPS
  • Copies of your ID Book.
  • Build a motivation; it's like a C.V. – WHY DO YOU WANT THAT FIREARM. Our motivations are FREE!! - Download a free motivation from our website here and fill it in using all you’re details, if it's a Firearm for SELF DEFENSE, then you must say in your motivation that the firearm will be used for
  • "Last resort", as you have already all the necessary security measures in place – walls, dogs, alarm etc.
  • Make a copy of your application in the case of the SAPS have misplaced or lost it.
  • We can build your application / motivation for a fee so you can hand it all in to SAPS.
  • Buy a safe (SABS Approved - GUN SAFE) and bolt it into your house. Not a cheap digital safe.

Magnum Shooting Academy can assist you in your safe purchase, delivery and fitment, enquire for a quotation.

SAPS Competency and SAPS License

Basic unit standards: Private firearm ownership

  • 117705 – Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 60/2000
  • 119649 – Handle and use a Handgun.
  • 119650 – Handle and use a Self-loading Rifle or Carbine.
  • 119651 – Handle and use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine.
  • 119652 – Handle and use a Shotgun.

You can complete as many courses as you like. How long will it take you to complete the tests?

How long will it take it to read and fill in the questions? It depends on person to person. On average 15 hours per course.

We are here to assist you all the way
Request if you need higher levels of training for business purposes/ Security/ Game ranger/ Tactical / VIP.

We are accredited to offer all the firearms training up to Firearms Instructor and Assessor

If you need assistance with company applications or as consultant, please email us for more information.

Hope that assists you with your applications and getting your firearms licensed to you.

Firearm ownership is a great responsibility, and the firearm will do what is asked, be safe with your firearms and always use your awareness to prevent an attack.

If you would like to download Training Registration and SAPS Procedure in PDF form please feel free to do so via the link below.

You can complete as many courses as you like, you don’t need to own the firearms we will supply them for your training.

How long will it take you to read and fill in the questions.

It depends on person to person, around one hour.

Then you redo them again, no extra payment needed.

Normally we shoot on a Sat from 9am-1pm

When the tests have been marked, we print the certificates for you to collect, normally in the same week so you can start your process.

It depends on the load they have, approximate and normally 12-15 weeks for the competence and another 3-6 weeks for the license. Follow up with your DFO.