Available Courses

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Please note pricing can change without prior notice, all prices are net.

Knowledge of the firearms   Knowledge of the Firearms
Control Act 60/ 2000 - 117705
Basic Handgun Course   Basic Handgun - 119649
Basic Manually Operated Rifle   Basic Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine - 119651
Basic Self-Loading Rifle   Basic Self-Loading
Rifle/Carbine - 119650

Basic Shotgun   Basic Shotgun - 119652
Intermediate Handgun   Intermediate Handgun -
Intermediate Manually Operated Rifle   Intermediate Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine - 123519
Intermediate Self-Loading Rifle   Intermediate Self-Loading Rifle/Carbine - 123511

Intermediate Shotgun   Intermediate Shotgun -
Tactical Handgun   Tactical Handgun - 123513
Tactical Self-Loading Rifle   Tactical Self-Loading Rifle/Carbine - 123518
Tactical Shotgun   Tactical Shotgun - 123512

Apply Tactical Knowledge   Apply Tactical Knowledge – 123510
Range Officer   Range Officer - 123516
Tactical Range Officer   Tactical Range Officer - 123517
Firearms Instructor   Firearms Instructor – 123520

Serious Self Defence   Defensive Handgun - Serious Self Defence – SSD
Assessor   Conduct Out Comes Based Assessment – Assessor - 115753
Conduct Targeted Training   Conduct Targeted Training & Development Using given Technologies - 117870
Moral Decision Making   Apply Moral decision making and problem solving strategies- 116483

Firearms in a Military   Use Firearms in a Military and Law Enforcement Environment – 120487
VIP Protection   Close Protection Course – VIP Protection
Refresher Training   Refresher Training - Reg21
Driver Course   Advanced Driver Course

Please note pricing can change without prior notice, all prices are net.

They include the following:

  • Training manual
  • M.S.A. Certificate
  • P.F.T.C (Professional Firearms Training Council) Statement of Results
  • Range fees
  • Ear and eye protection on range
  • Range consumables

Refurbishment and Customization

Practice Produces Muscle Memory

Magnum Shooting Academy has developed shooting exercises for our clients and learners to practice your skills on the shooting range.

Shooting Exercises Gun Range