Firearm Training Courses introduction

The FIREARMS CONTROL ACT 60/2000 insists that you as the firearm owner, or a person that is going to work with a firearm or a new applicant, attend a training course with an accredited Training Provider before you can apply for your SAPS competence and firearm license.

Magnum Shooting Academy is an accredited Training Provider that can facilitate firearm training in four different categories which are: Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle, and Self-Loading Rifle.

These categories are in different levels of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). You can achieve credits so if you wish to build a full qualification in Firearms, thus a total of 120 credits on a NQF Level 4, you can receive a National Certificate in Firearms, SAQA: 50480.

Magnum Shooting Academy plays the role of guiding you in the direction you wish to learn, once we agree on the correct unit standards, we start the training process. You will be asked to complete an open book and a closed book test at the accredited facility. Other than the test on the firearms control act, you will be requested to undergo a practical assessment.

Magnum Shooting Academy and their qualified assessors will assess you the learner and once deemed competent, we will issue a training provider certificate for the unit standard you have achieved.

You can now apply for what the S.A.P.S call a "Competence certificate", it’s not a certificate but it looks like a white credit card or a print out saying "Competence Certificate" with all the person’s details printed on it. The S.A.P.S cannot test you or train you to shoot; this is a common error from industry confusion.

Now you can apply for your Firearm Renewal or a new firearm license. You need to complete the S.A.P.S. criteria laid down and then you will receive a firearm license, also a white credit card license with the entire firearm's details printed on it.

Contact us for more information regarding the process and make sure you visit our FAQ page.

If you are interested in completing multiple unit standards and working towards a full qualification, please email us.