Moderation Services Related
to Firearms Unit Standards Quality Management Systems

We offer a moderation service for your company as this is a requirement of P.F.T.C (Professional Firearms Trainers Council) and or SASSETA accredited training providers. You will need an MOU (memorandum of understanding) between your company and M.S.A (Magnum Shooting Academy) as your EXTERNAL Moderator.

The responsible person at the training provider is to send your P.F.T.C invoices for each quarter of the year so that we can allocate 10% of your portfolios for off-site moderation. We also facilitate on-site and moderation during assessment.

There are four quarters in the year, your moderation needs to be completed in these quarters and submitted to either P.F.T.C / SASSETA. These reports are required to be kept at the offices for any verification visit from P.F.T.C/ SASSETA.

The responsible person needs to send a copy of the report to P.F.T.C/SASSETA attention the ETQA Department (Education Training quality assurance).

One Moderation Report may be used for the entire three month quarter or you may use one Moderation Report per month and may include all Learners Assessed which we have selected for moderation.

The on-site (at your training centre) moderation will be completed on-site and or during assessment so that the moderation process will be authentic and we can go through all the checks to prepare you for a verification visit.

Any travel and other cost occurred to facilitate on-site moderation will be for the cost of your company. The off-site moderation will exclude the cost of delivering and collecting your learners POE’s from our offices or a mutual meeting place.

This service will include all the development advice as required to assist you in keeping with proper administration and other training provider issues to comply with any of these ETQA’s.

A signed MOU is required by both parties and the responsible person needs to agree with the terms and conditions of the moderation service.

Failure to comply with the quarterly submissions will result in me withdrawing your Moderation MOU and PFTC/ SASSETA will be informed accordingly that we no longer have a MOU in place and this will affect your accreditation process.

Interested in Moderation Services

  1. All Training Providers are required to have Moderation Reports done once per quarter, four quarters in a year.
  2. As per SAQA, QCTO, SASSETA and PFTC ETQA requirements, a minimum of 10% Moderation must be done on all Learner Portfolios of Evidence. E.g. 100 learners that are finished and certified in one quarter, 10 portfolios must be moderated.
  3. The Moderator must personally select the Portfolios for Moderation, using the P.F.T.C Invoices. The Training Provider / Assessor may not under any circumstances select the Portfolios to be moderated. This is the case with on-site and off-site moderation.

The Moderation being conducted during a one year cycle must include one of all three moderation process to offer you a professional service.

  • On-Site / Off-Site / During Training and assessment

Please Note!

  1. If there is anything you are unsure about please ask, contact M.S.A or the P.F.T.C Office on and you will receive a written explanation to any questions. This applies to Moderator, Assessors, Instructors, Verifiers and the Responsible Person.
  2. Powers of the Moderator
    It is important to understand that the Moderator is there to ensure that you are adhering to the requirements to the Unit Standards. The Moderator does not have the power to suspend you or your company and they do not have the power to enforce their personal opinion. If you think that the Moderator is not being reasonable please contact the P.F.T.C with your concerns.
  3. Attention Moderators
    If the Training Provider is not co-operating or refusing to adhere to the Unit Standards Criteria and P.F.T.C / SASSETA requirements please urgently report your findings.
  4. Cost Guideline
    Industry accepted cost for Moderation is generally as follows: The Moderator will generally charge 10% of the course fee for the moderation for one portfolio. In other words if the cost of the Legal Test (U/S: 117705) is R450.00 charged to the learner then the moderation cost of the Portfolio will be R45.00.

An optional internal verification inspection by the moderator can be done as a service for your company to prepare you for a formal verification visit by P.F.T.C/ SASSETA; this will assist you for those surprises that will hinder your company’s accreditation.

During this inspection a complete check of all relative items, professional advice offered and a report offered at the end of the inspection.

Cost for this verification per on-site visit R2500.00 excluding travel and other costs incurred. This will include five portfolios to be moderated.

A consultant fee to assist you in registering a company can be negotiated, depending on the workload needed to get accredited with P.F.T.C. / SASSETA.

We also offer a formal QMS (Quality Management System) that is needed for any of the Seta’s accreditation. This is a generic QMS; it can be incorporated and your company’s details and the unit standards that you require accreditation as a training provider with P.F.T.C/SASSETA will be included.

A fixed quarterly fee for this moderation service can be paid directly via EFT every quarter to secure your MOU and the moderation process. This will include a minimum of five (5) unit standards to be moderated and there after the 10% of the course fee option will come into effect.

A negotiated moderation structure can be agreed upon if the company has more assessors and portfolios to be moderated. If the company has an internal moderator, then this moderation must still be moderated by an external moderator to verify the authenticity of the assessment process.

Interested in Quality Management Systems

  • Moderation date must be booked in advance via email, at least 7 days in advance.
  • A duplicate of the MOU between the responsible person and M.S.A (Moderator) must be made available to the P.F.T.C/SASSETA for verification of our agreement.
  • It’s the responsibility of the responsible person at the company to request moderation every quarter and the NOT the moderator.
  • The MOU may be terminated at any given time by the moderator or company for violation of the agreed terms.
  • It’s the responsibility of the company to make sure that all their accreditation processes are in order and up to date.
  • No moderation can take place without proper payment and agreement of the terms.
  • A Moderation report and professional advice will be submitted to the responsible person, it’s the company’s responsibility to file and submit the moderation report to P.F.T.C/ SASSETA.

If you need a professional moderation service and a verification of quality assurance, please make contact with me to set a meeting to discuss this service.